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Rough rural roads can throw up plenty of dust and dirt every time you take a trip off the ranch. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also coats the vehicle, necessitating not only more cleaning but also more preventative maintenance. At Dallas Asphalt Paving Company, we can help you make your journeys much smoother and cut down the amount of time you spend looking after your car with chip and seal paving.

We bring years of experience in ranch road paving to all our Fort Worth and Dallas customers. There’s no road too long or short so if you want to stop eating dust, get in touch with us for a consultation today.

Our Farm Road Paving Process

Chip and seal is a process of finishing roads that’s over a hundred years old and still one of the most reliable and cost-effective options around. During the consultation phase, we inspect the road to ensure that the base is strong enough to support the process. If the road isn’t ready yet, we can provide some advice on how to get it up to specification.

After we’ve provided a quote and you agree to the work, we apply an even layer of asphalt cement (or tar), ensuring it’s the right thickness. When its applied evenly, smoothed over, and at the right temperature, we add the gravel. This is applied to the surface, then distributed through the tar with the help of an industrial roller. Lastly, we seal the surface, protecting it from the rain and sun and providing a smoother, more aesthetically appealing road.

Dallas Ranch Road Service Area

Our ranch road pavers serve the entire Dallas / Fort Worth region. As a full-service paving company, you can find our contractor team working across Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Bonham, GreenvilleVan Alstyne, Princeton, Celina and beyond. We are your local Dallas Paving Company that you can trust for all of your asphalt needs.

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Why Choose Chip and Seal Ranch Road Paving

Besides a smoother, better-looking ride, why choose ranch road paving? As already mentioned, a finished road surface can prevent the amount of time and money spent cleaning and maintaining vehicles that may otherwise bear the brunt of the dust and dirt on rural roads. Still, chip and tar has its own unique advantages, too.

For one, it’s highly resilient. When sealed properly as part of our process, it can withstand the penetration of both UV rays from the sun and water following the rain. As long as the sealcoating is maintained, it can last for decades without any issues. Furthermore, it’s a great non-slip surface, providing plenty of traction, so those rural roads are kept safe to drive on even in adverse weather conditions.

Top Ranch Road Paving Company in Fort Worth and Dallas

Bringing over 30 years of experience, we ensure the kind of quality workmanship and end result satisfaction that you might not find from many other contractors. What’s more, we are experts in all things chip and tar. If you have any maintenance or repair needs in the future, we can take the burden off your shoulders with a single phone call.

If you want to learn more about our farm road paving services or if you simply want us to get to work, call Dallas Asphalt Paving Company today. We can arrange a consultation as soon as possible and schedule the work so we can get started not long after.

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