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As the leading parking lot contractors in the Fort Worth and Dallas area, we bring the high-quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction that ensures a reliable, aesthetically appealing parking lot to meet the needs of all our commercial customers. Whether installing a new parking lot or bringing new life to one that’s suffered wear and tear over the years, here’s what you need to know about our parking lot paving.

Why Choose Asphalt Parking Lot Paving

Asphalt isn’t the only option that we offer. For instance, chip and seal may be the cheaper solution. However, asphalt paving offers a few unique advantages. For one, both installation and repairs are much cheaper than other surfaces like concrete. There’s no need to replace the whole floor if there are faults, for instance, so cracks and potholes aren’t any more threatening than they need to be. Besides being cheaper, it’s also much quicker to install than other parking lot surfaces.

Your Premier Parking Lot Contractors in Fort Worth & Dallas

We bring a dedication to high-quality results, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and decades of experience to every parking lot we install or repair. We’re open to questions any step of the way and ensure you’re fully informed of the process so you can rest with the peace of mind that your parking lot needs are being handled by true professionals.

If you’re in need of parking lot paving services in the Fort Worth of Dallas area, get in touch with us today. We can help answer any questions on your mind or schedule a consultation to get a better idea of your needs and get the process of installation or repair started.

Dallas Parking Lot Paving Service Area

Our driveway pavers serve the entire Dallas / Fort Worth region. As a full-service paving company, you can find our contractor team working across Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Bonham, GreenvilleVan Alstyne, Princeton, Celina and beyond. We are your local Dallas Paving Company that you can trust for all of your asphalt needs.

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Parking Lot Paving Company

Parking Lot Installation

After a consultation to make sure your parking lot meets the right specifications, we apply an even, smooth layer of asphalt paving, a mix of rock, sand and asphalt cement. This paving hardens after three days and cures in up to 30 more. It’s ready to drive on as soon as it’s cooled, but it’s recommended anyone using the parking lot drives with care, or you close off newly finished areas until they’re no longer prone to scuff marks from rough driving.

Parking lot repair

If you already have an older asphalt pavement in the parking lot, it can more cost effective to repair it than to replace it. We can provide full renewal and resurfacing with a new layer of asphalt paving, practically making it good as new. Single potholes and cracks don’t need a complete renewal but can be just as easily fixed up with our spot repair services.

To ensure your investment lasts the test of time, we also offer a range of preventative maintenance services. These include sealcoating, to ensure the asphalt pavement has a protective layer that safeguards it against both the sun and water penetration, which can cause it to break down over time. This is the most cost-effective option, simply because it stops you from having to pay for more extensive repairs in the future.

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