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If you want to create roads, pavements, or parking lots in a manner that’s more cost-effective than asphalt, then chip and seal paving might be just the option for you. Dallas Asphalt Paving Company is a leading tar chip paving company, having worked with hundreds of residential and commercial clients for a wide range of projects.

Also known chip coating, tar and chip paving, or tar and rock paving, this a traditional method still widely used for rural roads and driveways. Whether you want a low-cost way to surface new roads or you have an older surface that needs a little improvement, tar & chip seal paving might be the option for you. While cost-effective, it’s still highly durable and stands up to bad weather and wear and tear just well as more costly alternatives, such as the sun, rain, and heavy winds.

Our Chip and Seal Paving Process

All projects start with a consultation. We will perform an inspection and ensure that the existing surface is up to specification, answering any questions or recommending courses of action if the surface isn’t yet ready. Before work begins, we provide as accurate a quote as possible so you know how much you can expect to pay.

Following the inspection, our team arrives to start laying down the coat of asphalt cement, also known as tar. Once it’s at the recommended thickness, we ensure it’s spread as evenly as possible, smooth it over, then wait for it to cool to the right temperature. The gravel is added next, pressed into the tar with a roller, and sealed to provide a smooth, durable surface.

This method can be used to finish parking lots, driveways, private roads, and more. No matter your project, get in touch and we can help you see it done. There’s no job too big or too small.

Dallas Chip Seal Service Area

Our chip seal pavers serve the entire Dallas / Fort Worth region. As a full-service paving company, you can find our contractor team working across Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Bonham, GreenvilleVan Alstyne, Princeton, Celina and beyond.

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Quality Chip and Seal Installation Services

Our team of expert technicians will be there to help not only install chip and seal paving but to take care of it as and when you need it. We’re committed to helping our products last as long as possible, as well as fixing any issues that may arise. Get in touch with us if you need any of the following:

    •         Preventative maintenance
    •         Pothole repair
    •         Crack filling and sealing
    •         Surface treatments
    •         Chip and seal renewal
    •         Dallas Paving Company

As durable as chip and seal may be, every kind of road surface begins to degrade over time, due to both the weather and the traffic. When yours starts to show signs of wear and tear, let us know and we will take the effort of fixing it off your hands.

Contact Us for a Tar and Chip Consultation Today

Whether you want to schedule our chip and seal services, or if you want to know which of our many paving services might be best fit for you, the consultation is the right way to start. Call Dallas Asphalt Paving Company today to schedule one or simply get in touch if you have any queries about chip and seal. We’re here to help.

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